About Our Calendar:

Our mission here at access nantucket is to ensure you are connected to all of the health & wellness information & services that have the power to transform your life.

We strive to have our finger on the pulse of the health & wellness community on our island, helping to facilitate opportunities for collaboration, identifying areas of overlap in services, and getting information out about all of the amazing health & wellness organizations & professionals available to this island. With that in mind the idea of a health & wellness calendar was born.

After sitting at countless meetings and talking to numerous providers we kept hearing about all of the wonderful health & wellness related happenings on this island and how there was no one place to go to find out about all of them. And with outreach & educational events being such a big part of what our health & wellness providers do we thought we needed to determine a way to represent them.

Our new health & wellness calendar aims to capture all of the amazing things happening on this island that will help support you living to your fullest potential. We have broken the calendar down into different sections to help you find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible. The events on this calendar will represent a wide variety of organizations (for-profit & non-profit alike), individuals, talks, lectures, trainings, ACKtivities, community happenings, etc… Now lets learn more about what you will find in each section.

ACKtive Community Events:

This part of our calendar will host ACKtivities that will get you moving. Whether a community meditation, a 5K, or a special workout class open to the community, you will find all of this and more in this section of our calendar. Events do not have to be free but they will be a special class or series. Please do not post your regularly schedule programs on this calendar.

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Community Events:

Whether a lecture, talk, community gathering, or awareness event you will find all the information you need on these types of happenings here. Events do not need to be free but they do need to further the health & wellness of our island and/or touch on a human service topic (i.e. housing, health care, etc.).

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Community Meetings:

We are fortunate to have many community groups on our island dedicated to helping improve the health & wellness of Nantucket. Here you will find information about all meetings open to the public.

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Fundraising Events:

As we know how much time and hard work our non-profit health & wellness providers put into their fundraising events. This section of our calendar will be open to any of our health & wellness providers, who have an expanded listing, to promote their fundraising events. If you are not a health & wellness provider on our site or have not yet completed paperwork for an expanded listing we are sorry but we will not be posting your fundraising events on this calendar. Our intention is not to create a development calendar.

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Support Groups:

When you are experiencing a difficulty in life it is not always easy to talk about. When you are in search of a little extra support we want to make sure you know where to go. The Support Groups section of our calendar will host the times, locations, and details about all support grouping meeting on Nantucket.

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Workshops, Trainings & Certifications:

Are you looking to learn a new skill or become an expert in a specific health & wellness area? In this part of the calendar you will find information on all health & wellness/human service related classes, trainings, & certifications. So whether you want to learn more about buying a home, are interested in attending a workshop to better your practice, or would like to become CPR certified you will be able to find all of these types of happenings and more in this section of our calendar.

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If you have any questions about our calendar please contact Taylor Korpita: taylor@accessnantucket.org.

If you have an event you would like to submit an event to be added to our calendar please you can do so here: Add an Event. All events will be reviewed prior to going live on the calendar and if we do not find your event appropriate for our calendar you will be contacted.

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