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Crisis Lines: The crisis lines receive over 25,000 phone calls each year from people in need. Some callers feel overwhelmed, sad, or lonely. Others feel angry or confused, and may have nowhere else to turn.

Each crisis line phone call is answered by a Samaritan volunteer who has been extensively trained in non-judgmental active listening. They do not problem-solve or offer opinions. Instead they simply listen and allow a caller to truly unburden.

Callers sometimes worry they shouldn’t call the crisis lines if they are not suicidal. You do not have to be suicidal to call. Simply needing a safe space to talk is reason enough to pick up the phone.

Whether you’re a first time caller or someone who has called before, calling a crisis line can be very intimidating. The Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands want to make the experience as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Callers can rest assured that all calls to The Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands are free and completely confidential. They do not have caller ID, they cannot trace your call, and they respect your right to make your own decisions regarding your life. You can truly share anything with them.

Samaritan volunteers are here to listen every day of the year, including holidays. Volunteers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. weekdays and weekends. Although they strive to have overnight coverage too, sometimes it’s not always possible. If they do not have a volunteer on duty at night, callers receive a message asking them to call the Boston Samaritans hotline.

Remember, you do not need to be suicidal to call the phone lines. Everyone needs a little extra support from time to time. They are here to give you that support. Call today: 800.898.9900.


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