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  • Short term rental assistance paid in full or in part to landlords of eligible applicants in cases of financial need due to loss of work, illness, injury or a sudden need to move. Assistance is limited to $4000 over any 18 month period. Applicants must provide financial documentation to demonstrate need and must show financial ability to pay their rent after assistance has ended. Housing must be year round and meet town and state safety codes.
  • Fuel assistance processing under the State LIHEAP program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) from November 1-April 30. Assistance finding other sources of fuel assistance if eligibility for LIHEAP is not met and a heating crisis exists. Learn more about the Fuel Assistance Program today: Fuel Assistance Fact Sheet.

bgimggreenVisiting Nantucket Rental Assistance Program:

There is no fee for service for the Nantucket Rental Assistance Program.

Appointments required. Make your appointment today:

Parking: Parking Lot
Bike Path Access
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The Nantucket Rental Assistance Program will preform at home visits if client is disabled or no transportation is available.

Make things easier by preparing these things ahead of time:

bgimggreenNantucket Rental Assistance Team:

Janis Carreiro - Nantucket Rental Assistance ProgramJanis E. Carreiro
Director for Outreach Programs

Program Director- Nantucket Rental Assistance Program for the last 10 years.
Director for Outreach Program-Nantucket Interfaith Council
Certified Intake Contractor for the LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Program- last 3 years.

bgimggreenBoard of Directors:

  • Terry Anne Vigil | President Nantucket Interfaith Council
  • Richard Leland | VP Nantucket Interfaith Council
  • Rev. William Steelman | Treasurer Nantucket Interfaith Council
  • Rev. Georgia Ann Snell | Chair Nantucket Rental Assistance Board
  • Susan Hochwald | Nantucket Rental Assistance Board Member
  • Kevin Dugan | Nantucket Rental Assistance Board Member
  • Sara Jones | Nantucket Rental Assistance Board Member