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Lama Yeshe Palmo is available for spiritual counseling to help with the challenges of daily life and also to help us learn the tools to meet and discern challenges, clear away confusion, traverse difficult times, and discover the strength within us that we already have. Spiritual counseling and meditation training help relieve negative states of mind and develop positive ways of living. Learn the techniques that allow for calm even when you are not in peaceful circumstances.

What is the nature of mind? How can we rest in our innate peace? Private and public lessons in meditation and inner exploration, including calm-abiding and insight techniques that use traditional Tibetan Buddhist psychological practices as an alternate method for transformation and inner work.

A gradual path of mind training and classic meditations is available for those who would like to enter the Buddhist path and can commit to a daily meditation practice. The path allows one to more fully engage the world while at the same time eventually leading to realization of mind.

The program engages the traditional Tibetan Buddhist method of study, contemplation and meditation of the Kagyu lineage unbroken since the Buddha’s first teachings. Beginning with entry level meditation training, the student gains experience with resting the mind and then looking at the mind using shinay or calm-abiding meditation and lhaktong or insight meditation. One learns to recognize and rest in the mind’s true nature of spaciousness and clarity.


About Lama Yeshe Palmo:

Lama Yeshe PalmoAfter 30 years of meditating as a householder, Lama Yeshe Palmo was ordained a nun in 1996 at Kagyu Thubten Choling Monastery in upstate New York, one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist centers in North America. She entered the traditional Three Year Retreat which is a silent, sealed seminary where all the meditation techniques are taught and practiced intensively. Upon graduation, she was given the title of Tripon or “Teaching Lama of the Oral Instructions,” and asked to remain at the retreat as a teacher for a total of 15 years in retreat teaching and graduating Western lamas. She has taught at Dharma centers throughout the east coast and was on the administration and teaching staff at KTC before moving to Nantucket.

Specialties: Spiritual counseling, meditation, inner exploration.

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Lama Yeshe Palmo is available by appointment only for private lessons. To book a private lesson please call 508.228.1257. Public classes vary in place & time.
$40 per person for private lesson. Public Class Pricing varies.

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