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The Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled Independent Living (IL) and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living (DHILS) programs aim to empower the consumer. Services, which are consumer-controlled, include: Information and Referral: CORD provides information about disability related issues, resources, and benefits; Independent Living Skills Training: CORD helps consumers attain the skills needed to achieve their maximum independence level; Peer Support: CORD provides support and assistance with problem-solving and goal-setting among people with disabilities; Advocacy: CORD provides individual and systemic advocacy to assist and better equip people to confront barriers, such as discrimination, lack of access, and unresponsive service systems.

The DHILS program is a subcontract of DEAF, Inc. and is designed to serve people who are D/deaf and hard of hearing. Staff provide information on assistive technology, emergency preparedness, health insurance, communication access, and making your home safe and accessible.

Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP)

CORD’s TAP works with students aged 14-22 who are transitioning from Special Education to the community. TAP will: Educate students on their rights; Assist students in setting goals for their future; Work with students, their families, and schools to access benefits and create transition plans; Help students explore options for further education, job training, and housing; Encourage students to be involved in CORD activities.

Community Services

CORD provides free presentations and technical assistance on disability rights and laws to businesses, organizations, and the general public. Topics may include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), assistive technology, disability awareness, personal care attendants (PCA’s), and other disability-related issues.

bgimggreenVisiting Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled:

All Services provided by CORD are free of charge.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday (excluding Holidays) 9am – 5pm
*CORD has an Advocate of the Day to meet with people without an appointment, however depending on the number of people, there may be a wait. If you are coming from Nantucket or need a lengthy meeting with an advocate, it is advisable for you to call CORD at 1-800-541-0282 to make an appointment to ensure you won’t have a lengthy wait and to ensure you have the time needed to accomplish your goal.

Home visits can be done as needed. Typically if a consumer is unable to come to the office and the issue can’t be handled on the phone, via mail or mail, an in-home appointment can be arranged.

Parking: On-Site Parking
Bus Route: The bus will stop near CORD if requested.

bgimggreenBoard of Directors:

  • Gwen Hobgood | Chairperson
  • Buster Donalson | Vice Chairperson
  • Paula George | Secretary
  • Terrance Jones | Treasurer
  • Allison Alewine
  • Robert Blank
  • James Gilchrist
  • Dr. William Roberts
  • Carol Schafer
  • Barry Sumner