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The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (A.S.A.P.) implements educational programs and presentations regarding alcohol and substance abuse in the schools and community. A.S.A.P.’s role in utilizing the federal government sponsored Drug Free Communities Grant is to raise community awareness regarding the issue of substance abuse and to build a community coalition to address these issues in terms of prevention that are sustainable.

Some of the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention’s on-going programs are the Red Ribbon Week campaign which takes place for one week each October, the formation of the Y.E.L.L. (Youth Empowering Lasting Leadership) program for middle school aged students, Social Host Liability which addresses the issue and legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors, Drug Take Back, implementing the Youth Behavior Risk Survey (Y.B.R.S) for high school students, providing drug and alcohol free events for children, teens and the community.

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention is continually working on bringing new programs and presenters to educate the Nantucket community regarding the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

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