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Information & Referral Services:

access nantucket‘s Information & Referral service is the centralized access point for Nantucket’s health & wellness information & services. By offering a comprehensive resource that can be accessed on-line, by phone or in-person, access nantucket makes it easy to know about the services and support systems available to everyone on our Island.

The health & wellness providers will either a) have a physical location on the Island b) make at least two trips to Nantucket to serve our community per year or c) they are located in Massachusetts and there is not a comparable service available on island.

If you are a health & wellness provider and would like to be listed please call 508.228.3955.


Health & Wellness Calendar:

access nantucket‘s health & wellness calendar aims to capture all of the amazing things happening on this island that will help support you living to your fullest potential. The calendar is broken down into different sections to help you find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible. The events on this calendar will represent a wide variety of organizations (for-profit & non-profit alike), individuals, talks, lectures, trainings, ACKtivities, community happenings, etc…


Medical Case Management:

access nantucket‘s Medical Case Management program is open to people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. Staff members will help ensure that you are able to access the care you need by getting you through a very complex benefit systems that may be available to you.

Staff members work individually to address barriers to good health such as lack of health insurance, unmet mental health and substance use needs, and other personal and systemic barriers. Staff members can help you find doctors, mental health services, a dentist or other health related professionals that you may need. They can also work with you to locate stable housing, food and nutrition assistance, transportation services, rental and fuel assistance and services to meet other basic needs.


Harm Reduction:

Harm reduction programs work to decrease the risk of acquiring or transmitting communicable infections such as HIV, viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections. A major focus of this work is among substance users who inject drugs as well as their sexual partners and drug using partners. access nantucket‘s staff engage active substance users in a confidential and client-centered setting. These services are provided in a non-judgmental, supportive manner with a goal of keeping people as healthy as possible.

  • Staff members provide relevant education through behavioral risk assessment, development of risk reduction strategies and overdose prevention/reversal training.
  • access nantucket offers public health supplies and access to safer injection materials such as bleach kits, alcohol wipes, sterile water and other harm reduction supplies.
  • access nantucket offer safe disposal of used syringes and injection equipment and encourage this critical public safety practice by providing appropriate bio-hazard sharps containers.


Visiting access nantucket:

All programs and services offered by access nantucket are free of charge.

Office Hours: MondayFriday 9am – 5pm

Handicap Accessible
Parking: Parking Lot
Bike Path Access
Bus Route:


Board of Directors:

  • Joseph Olson | Chair
  • Margaret H. Blair DSc | Vice Chair
  • Lina Gillies | Clerk
  • Neil Marttila | Treasurer
  • Nathan Coe
  • Janice Ellsworth
  • Deborah Bryan
  • T. Maxwell Mundy, MD

Advisory Board:

  • Lori D’Elia
  • Gloria Grimshaw
  • William F. Hunter, Esq.


access nantucket Events:

There are no upcoming events at this time.


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