Mission & core values


access nantucket supports the health and wellness of our Island community by connecting people to information and critical human services that have the power to transform the quality of their lives.

As the centralized access point for Nantucket’s human services, we will:

  • Provide community outreach, education, and referrals to services.
  • Develop and manage a user-friendly website and database in order to provide easy identification and
    quick access to all the available resources.
  • Capture and organize data to assess the Island’s human service needs and landscape.
  • Create a forum that supports collaboration, teamwork and shared knowledge.
  • Maintain our commitment to HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C prevention, education, and case management.

our core values:

  • We are passionate about access nantucket serving others, and making a significant contribution to our community
  • We are dedicated to raising funds, recruiting volunteers, and providing quality services to achieve our Mission
  • We embrace the duties of loyalty and care required to earn and hold the public’s trust
  • We are fact based and objective as well as open and transparent in our decision making process
  • We believe that teamwork over individual effort is more rewarding and produces better results
  • We act responsibly and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Christopher Columbus