about access nantucket

Launched in the summer of 2013, access nantucket is a new island-wide, community-driven initiative to help those in need and those who help connect with one another. That’s why our tagline is “connecting to care.”

our mission:

access nantucket supports the health and well-ness of our Island community by connecting people to information and critical human services that have the power to transform the quality of their lives. Read more

in the beginning…

Back in 2008, the results of a study on Nantucket showed that while there were extensive human services available to support the health and wellness of residents and visitors, there was no one place to go to learn what those services were or how to access them. So the idea for a centralized access point was born.

At the same time, our agency, Nantucket AIDS Network (NAN), was also looking at how we should evolve as the advancements in treatment for HIV/AIDS was changing the needs of our clients. For over two decades, NAN’s key role was connecting individuals and families, who were dealing with complex life issues, to a wide-range of services to improve their quality of life. Many recognized that NAN’s well-honed ability to develop systems that support streamlined, client-centered, compassionate care could be of great service to meet the needs of Nantucket today.

why did we launch access nantucket?

Once the need for a centralized human service information and access point was identified, we made the decision to repurpose our agency’s expertise to serve the broader community. Our goal is to improve access to the extensive list of human services available on the Island so people connect to the care and support we all deserve.

what is access nantucket and how will help our community?

access nantucket connects you to the information and human services you need on Nantucket. By offering a comprehensive resource that can be accessed on-line, by phone or in-person, access nantucket makes it easy to know about the services and support systems available to everyone on our Island.

You can choose how you access this information, whether you prefer talking one-on-one to a staff person by phone or in-person, or going online in the privacy of your home. access nantucket is here to make it easier to find information and services to support your health and wellness. We’re here to let you know that you are not alone in navigating the complexities of life. Our hope is that our work can help to diminish stereotypes and reduce the stigma associated with reaching out for help. With this, we also aim to reduce the burden on the service providers to get their information out to those who need their help. We believe we can accomplish all of this by offering one welcoming place to go, in order to connect to all of the human services available in our community.